Where does the Middle School Practice?
The Middle School Practices along with Father Ryan start September 5, 2017. The practices are from 5:30pm to 7:00pm for Middle School (Monday – Thursday) at Vanderbilt University Recreation Center Pool. We do Practice during the Christmas Holiday and it is at the Sportsplex.

How many days a week are you “required” to practice?
Athletes are encouraged to practice at least 3 days per week.

What is the training (season) fee?
The fees are $550/season

Are there additional costs?
Swimsuit, goggles, fins, paddles, mesh bag, and bouy.

My child swims NAC / Excel / Swim615, how do they participate?
They continue to train with their US club and participate with CMS for swim meets. The fee for these athletes is $100 which covers the meet entry fees. They are encouraged to purchase a team suit.

Is the athlete able to participate in another sport?

When are the meets?
Meets begin in late October and the Season Championship is in late January.

I cannot get my child to practice, but he/she would like to swim?
Once we know the schools who have athletes participating, we will be able to send you a roster of those athletes and hopefully, you can do a carpool.

Additional Notes:
The Middle School team practices along side of Father Ryan High School (FRHS) allowing the HS coaches, Shannon Philbin and Rob Philbin, to help with the training of the athletes. Coach “Ma” has been coaching the Irish for 20 seasons and Coach Rob for 15. Athletes are placed for training based on their ability and not their age or grade level.

For additional information with regard to FRHS, please go to http://www.fatherryan.org/page.cfm?p=337&teamID=24&display=Coaches

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